It's late i think they're closing.
So what, we'll stick around for a wile.
The clock alarm is set at two p.m.,
the thought about it makes me smile.
But then the weekend's gone,
and everything must go on,
weekly routine, please let me sleep for a while.
But hang on, it's just begun.
Getting up so early is never fun.
And here we go again.
Ignore the sound, you know i've gotta go,
my boss was pretty mad last week.
I'm not so close with my damn clock radio.
And how the hell was i supposed to know,
In the early morning my bed won't let me go.
Late again i'm such a pro.
Yeah just a minute, irrisistable, get out, try it
i can't deny it, it seems so easy for you.
My god you're singing too.
Give me one more, one minute
oh, did it pass? Well then again
I know i should get out by now.
But what i really meant was give me ten.
Late again
I smashed apart five clock alarms this past year man!
And how the hell can you sing at 7 a.m.?
Well i'm late again.

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