Freedom what a case
He's the one that understands the price
He'd give up everything to fight the sensure,
Fight the lies.
So don't you judge so fast, look what he tries
Now he surely places everything beneath it.
It's number one
(Cynicism his gun) can misery be fun
He kicks kicks that stupid system with it's money everyday yeah.
(He's hated while he's) fighting for everyone.
Release expression!
So difine free press, it's a fuckin' mess
Inside these magazines they show ripped children in wars
Screw the private lives of stars
But the magazine can't show naked body parts
Cause kids shouldn't know.
USA hey way to go!
Pornography they call it so obscene
But if there freedom of expression all became a dream
I bet that they would all lay off some steam
Your honour you don't understand
You can make it end
Whith bars or bail you can't
He's hated while he's fighting for everyone
Release expression!
A censored freedom, well not for him you know
Larry Flint made the press grow.

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