I'm in need of you, that's why you should listen to
What I sing, what I hereby plea
I think you should see the things you do to me
Please don't think that this is funny girl
I mean it seriously

Oh won't you hold my hand and understand
That I'm the one for you, your best friend 'till the end
We're meant to be girl, me and you
These Lyrics won't sound new: Love me would you?

Fuck it the music industry has made a product out
Of our emotion and has sold it way too often
The writers preying on our love, they're the ones
That attempt to screw you over with sweet words
And a real fucked intention
Yet all are swayed to llisten to a love song, how lame!
Now I'll you straight
Somehow it's all about money, girl, and your the one
That paid this lovely album that we made
Now we've got you're money
That's why I love you honey!

Oh won't you hold this thought and understand
That you are never free
The cash flow goes to lyrics without meaning obviously
This love song isn't about loving, but the fee!

Cause inspiration's low, wich makes me want to know
Why subjects picked are always safe just to see money flow
Mentally challenging popsongs, oh no!
I think singing about love is kinda low
Cause it's something you should know

Fuck it...

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