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Date: Wed, 8 Apr 1998 20:35:40 +0200
From: Oscar
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Tablature for The Downstream

Author : James Gauld ([email protected])
Date : 10:00 PM on 6/29/96
Song : 'Downstream' - (OCS)
Source : 'Moseley Shoals' album

The Downstream - OCS
Chord tab:
G = 320033
D = XX0232
Am = X02210
C = 332010

Verse 1:
Lay down your head,
Am C
And look to your window.
Where did you go?
Am C
Well it's not where you're going.
And how do you see
Am C
When the light isn't shining?
Where you could be,
Am C
If you worked out the timing.

How does it feel when,
G D Am
The world comes back sorry and true________
Am C D Am
How________ do you do the things you do to you?

Verse 2:
If I were a king,
And you were a lady.
What would I sing,
To say what I'm saying?
Would you believe,
The verse is left open.
A hole in my sleeve,
Brown an' all broken.

Verse 3:
Sell me a river,
And I'll skate away,
To the downstream,
Where I did play.
So easy minded_____.
Like the hill on the skyline,
I tripped and landed,
And got lost on the sidelines.
[chorus - repeat last line]

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