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Subject: o/ocean_colour_scene/i_need_a_love_song.crd
Date: Wed, 8 Apr 1998 19:56:52 +0200

Author : James Gauld - ([email protected])
Date : 8:00 PM 6/9/96
Song : 'I need a love song' - (Ocean Colour Scene)
Source : 'Day We Caught The Train' b-side

I Need A Love Song - OCS
Chord tab: (capo on 2nd fret)
F# = 244322
D#sus2 = X68866
Bsus2 = X24422
C#sus2 = X46622
Note: Start playing on a Bsus2 and C#sus2 at start.

Verse 1:
Gonna take a walk by the lemonade lake,
Lay and let my feet get wet on the grass, and my
Face burning up in the summertime setting
a-blaze, throwing stones and laughing on our way home.
[chorus x2]

F# C#sus2 Bsus2
La___ la la la__ la la la__ la.

Verse 2:
Tomorrow night-time hunting on a horn of a corn(?),
Put brakes in feeding on a winter song.
Scattered thoughts look around and they're laughing at
Glass(?). Harbour lights remind you of another song.
[chorus x2]
[ (Bsus2, C#sus2) x3, end on D#sus2]

Verse 3:
Never known my daytime slippin' away
Too many seeds to sow and I can't look in my face.
I need a sound to make me jump around on my toes.
I need a song... I need a love song.
[no chords here]
[chorus x4 - end on F#]

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