[audio clip]
i took her to an empty house in westchester i had already picked up.
when we got there i told her to wait outside, pick wild flowers.
i went upstairs and stripped all of my clothes off.
i knew if i did not i would get her blood on them.
when all was ready i went to the window and called her.
then i hid in the closet until she was in the room.
she saw me all naked and began to cry and tried to run downstairs.
i grabbed her and she said she would tell her mama.
first i stripped her naked.
how she did kick bite and scratch.
i choked her to death.
then i cut her into small peices so i could take my meat to my room, cook
and eat it.
sweet and tender her ass roasted in the oven
it took me nine days to eat her entire body.
i did not fuck her.
though i could have as i wished.
she died a virgin.

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