I never had a bead of sweat rolling down my face
I never had to clean my house when things where out of place
I never had to worry, my job is to be rich
The only problem that I have is that I'm always ditched

The only thing I'm askin' for is a meager little smile
To fill the missing emptiness and let me walk in style
I know it's quite impossible to love a guy like me
And say the words I wanna hear so please, won't ya ...

Lie to me, tell me I'm the only one
Lie to me, say that you're having fun with me
And though you wear my ring ...
I know it's not a secret I'm a jester not a king

As a poster child for birth control I'm told I do it well
I'd scare the devil up to heaven should I land in hell
If fooled again I'd realize there'd be no hope for me
I'd have to buy the words to hear so please, why don't you ...


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