Can somebody tell me when
I might feel like myself again
And how long will it be
'Til I can face this reality
My friends are calling
But I can't get out of bed
Because I'm so afraid
That the tears will start to fall again
So what can I say
Girl what can I do
Baby can't you see that I'm missing you
There's no where to run
There's no where to hide
And you know it's tearing me up inside
Everytime we were together
And I feel loving arms around me
But that we would last forever
But I'm alone tonight
Can I beg you please
Give me one more try
You know we look so good together
Damn, I need a kiss, not a kiss goodbye
And know that we, now until forever
Like a sad movie on the screen
Our story has no happy ending
Now my world is cold like the falling snow
A cold lonely wind that blows
A kiss goodbye on a lonely street
And then you walked away from me
Now my heart awaits to end this sorrow
Tell me how to make you see
What i'm feeling in my heart
Cuz I'm hanging on a memory
And trying not to fall apart
Tears I've found drifting
Like a cabin on a broken stream
And I can't hold along
But girl I really need you here with me
I beggin you please, give us one more try
You know we were so good together
Girl I need a kiss
Not a kiss goodbye
A memory, now and 'til forever

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