I Know you're innocent no more
You'll see in ime that you're not immortal
I see right through you
You cannot live inside yourself
You cannot lie forever
We see right through you

It's everything you know about, you say it's true
But still I know abouy your ways, so fuck you
But still you've done it everything, well I've done it twice
But theres something else that's coming
So hold your breath
Well I know that you're perfect, so raise your hands
And we know that you're nothing, show us again
But still I can't believe the pain that you caused
And still I know about your ways, so fuck you

You hold your head up and deny
You realize that you're not all moral
They see right through you
You'll cheat and lie until you're dead
You cannot live forever
Disease runs through you
Listen carefully...

Repeat chorus

I faked it all
Then and always
Inside and out
We'll forget you

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