We were just 3 guys
who wanted to do something
really nice
we were going to give all our things
to the kids on the streets
But when we were
on our way
one of the girls came and said
I donґt want that piece os shit
pleas take it away
and he left

Why are the kids today
The biggest threat
Thier favorite word is shit
All they want is to get laid
You have to be carefull on the streets
12 years old already strip.

After that we went to an orphanage
We wanted a kid to say thanks
We gave the present to a 12 years old
when she oppened it, she trew it away
and said, I donґt want that piece of shit.

chorus x1

Why they donґt like
The present, i picked for then
I think itґs so cool
itґs the knew vybratorґs kit
you could use it in the swiming pool
I think itґs the best tool
for every girl
who wants to be cool.

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