When I was only 13
A girl oppend her legs for me
In that moment I realised
My mission here on Hearth
It was to fuck that girl
And leave by the time
She gave birth

Because I did not to raise
A child
Besides I did not love
This girl
I just forgot to put the condom
on my cock


Ohh! please forgive my Jane
I did not know what to do
I just took a train
and left to LA

When I was in LA
I met a girl whose name
was Clairse
She used to allways
cause my feet smelled
like hell
But then she told
She hated me
And that she had fallen
with brother that leaves
in Brazil

Chorus 2

Ohh! my dear Jane
Iґm going back for you
This bitch broke with me
And I did not had a chance
to get laid

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