I went to the airport but I missed my flight
I had to get out of this town tonight
This lady in black she caught my attention
I couldn't figure out what was her intention

She told me about a flight that was leaving town tonight
She could get me a seat and the price was right
She tugged at my pants so I jumped at the chance
I had no idea what was in store for me

She welcomed me aboard then she strapped me to the seat
She tied my hands and legs down and made me kiss her feet
She whipped me and she slapped me and she gagged me when I begged
One thing's for sure I'll never fly S/M Airlines again

The stewardess in leather came walking down the aisle
Put nipple clamps on me with a sadistic smile
The pain was so bad I had tears in my eyes
I looked up and there were two gartered thighs

Her ass was inches from me and she told me to lick
Before I could do anything she licked my dick
I followed her demands my aim was to please
I spent the rest of the flight on my knees

The plane finally landed at the end of the night
I had to get off this torture flight
I asked her to release me she bit my lip
The ticket that you bought it was roundtrip

I'll never fly S/M Airlines again

From the NOFX 7"

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