for the music
let's dance
move your feet common

don't you wanna dance
i'm try to give you a chance
so why you actin' all shy
can't catch me, block that
i'm much too fly


there's a roumer --->listen
that you checkin' for me
if you wanna be down -
Are you scared of me?
tryin' givin you hips
tryin' workin' with you
even workin' my hips
from side to side
boy you (??????)
is it gonna take in?
i can't understand why
you can't even say no
don't wet anymore
beeing anybody
cause you're (?????)

Stop acting silly
you know you want me
don't front it seezy
i move that heezy

boys wanna play, is shockin' me boy
you're the only one i'm thinkin' bout
boy you wanna keep cross (????)
you better (??????????????????)
the jam is about to end
you'll never get this chance again
common when the heat give me a shot
oh you better not scream
better get it while it's hot

countdown 4-3-2-1

boy (????)
i get so nervous
do you think i'm (????)
baby just make a move
a little conversation
would you gotta be smooth
alright alright

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