Undeniable technique precisely executed
Under the thick fog of frantic beats:
Turbulence of endless fall.

A sonorous chaos dense enough
To overcome the outside cacophony;
Whence emerges the melody, subtle yet sublime,
Joined by a voice resembling nothing human.

"Noise" to dirty ears, the message is clear:
Utter contempt for the lesser's judgement,
Unyielding reluctance of submission
To the appreciation of inferior sensibilities.

Disregarded as inextricable by the profane,
Used only to the obvious and cheap;
Exclusive of sensitive souls who perceive
How ephemeral the prevalent is.

Forged in the blackest of metals known to men
On boilers burning with Hell's own flames
The fiery sword of song and word is raised
And the world's foundations set ablaze.

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