From: sara [email protected]

Its been so long since youve been in
And im dying
Is there something you would like to say??
Just drop the present on the shelf
By the flowers
And make the feeling go away...

Looking back I can't recall
Who was listening
When I used to walk the streets at night...

Like a bird that used to sing, i was flying
I was happy all the time and it hard to look back!!

Better dayz... in different wayz i cant explain!!.. another song to sing it all was simplified...

Don't know now,what it's about
What have I learned ?
To live without?
It takes a day to live a life...

I can't believe the way the world
Is so different...
Look what the lines in my face have made

Living in my bed
I'm right next to the road
The one that goes the other way...
Takes me to a different place

Did you know
That I was just as young as you
I had a job, a home, a family, and a car

Did you say
That yesterday
Or just right now?

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