Now that your picture`s in the paper
Being rhythmically admired
And you can have anyone
That you never desire
All you gotta tell me now
Is why, why, why,why

Welcome to the workin`week
Oh I know it don`t thrill you
I hope it don`t kill you
Welcome to the workin`week
You gotta do it til you`re through it
So you better get to it

All of your family had to kill to survive
And they`re still waitin`
For their big day to arrive
But if they knew how I felt
They`d burry me alive

I hear you sayin`
Hey the city is alright
When you only read about it in books
Spend all your money gettin`so convinced
That you never even bother to look
Sometimes I wonder if we`re livin`
In the same land
Why d`you wanna be my friend
When I feel like a juggler
Running out of hands?

Welcome to the workin` week

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