Hang up the phone, lose my number Leave me alone so I can cry
Don't touch my heart anymore, It's broken and sore
And the moon just turned blue Goodbye goodbye

Just go on back to your old boyfirend He'll take you ome and I know why It's only fair I guess, My heart won't die from this And the moon just turned blue, goodbye, goodbye I said the moon must turned blue I was looking right at youLooking sweet and ??? blue and shy, oh lord Got me thinking baby, such a fancy lad She might be telling mighty fancy lies So count me out of your triangle I'm number three and honey I can't pretend I don't need heartache at all my heart can't take the fall And the moon just turned blue, goodbye goodbye It's only fiar I guess.. And the Moon just turned blue I said the moon, it juts truned blue, Baby bye bye

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