It's still getting worse after everything i tried.
What if i found a way to wash it all aside.
What if she touches with those fingertips.
As the words spill out like fire from her lips.
Chorus: if she says come inside i'll come inside for her.
if she says five it all i'll give everything to her.
i am justified.
i am purified.
i am sanctified.
inside you
Heaven's just a rumor she'll dispel.
As she walks me through the nicest parts of hell.
I still dream of lips i never should have never kissed.
Well she knows exactly what i can't resist
I'm just caught up in another of her spells.
She's turning me into someone else.
Everyday i hope and pray this will end.
But when i can i do it all again
As surely as the blades course is run.
Maybe my kingdom's finally come

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