"How old were you when you first let a man make love
To you? Next who was he, next how did you feel at
The time, next how did you feel afterwards, what
Did you feel, what did you think, were you pleased,
Frightened, ecstatic, disgusted what did he say?
What words did you speak? That's what I want to
Know--now tell me now now all of it now tell me yes

Get Down Make Love (4x)

You take my body
I give you heat
You say you hungry
I give you meat
I suck your life
You blow my head
Make love
Inside your bed

Get Down Make Love (4x)

Every time I get high
You wanna go down
Every time I get high
You say you wanna go down
Tainted Love,
Is sex too much
Every time I wanna
Get down, get down,
Get down make love

I can squeeze
You can shake me
I can feel
When you break me
Come on..[?]
...when you take me

You make love (4x)

You can't make everybody
Get down make love
Get down make love

Chorus (2x)

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