Abrupt, abrupt, abrupt
Ring, ring
This is a true story
This is a true story off
About you all my dream
This cause I love you
I love you x2
This is a true story of
Two girls who grew up in Astoria
Quisera empezar
Con una historia de verdad de mi vida
Que siendo empovrezar
Family try’na make it by
Always unhappy
Porque la jente burlaban de mi
No queria vivir a si
Como pude yo seguir
From a young girl I knew
Music would pull me through
It's a dream come true
Y yo soy ejemplo de
Lo que sueños pueden ser
Si tu queres llegar
Donde tu qieres estar
Don't ever stop
Por lo quieres hay que luchas
Sueños no esperes
Puedes hacer lo que quieres
Nothing can't stop me keep moving to the top
All these dreams can be reality
If you just believe in what you're doing
And never stop
Remember when you said to me
That music wasn't everything
Look at me now
Everything that I've achieved
And how I'm standing on my two feet
(This cause I love you)
And I'm living proof
That you can do it too
Sigues adelante
Oye mi jente no hay quien no se aguante
The moral of this story is
If you always stay strong within
And give your all, nothing's gonna break you down
Keep moving forward, don't turn around
Esto es para ti
Para ser feliz
Don't let nobody tell you differently
Believe in your dream, oh...
Repeat Chorus
No tenga es miedo (No, no)
Es tu momento
Qrues en tu mismo
Dale todo (x2)
Repeat Chorus

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