sounds going on (hey maffia)
yeah, put the night time lie low
Nina Sky what's going on?
Yeah my am ready right now
Wild up shut the mini Maffia on the beats is going down, aw...
Now let me see you bend (like this)
Turn that banana girl split (like this)
Now imma roll new taillers (meltading)
Once we churn that butta (x4)
When its n sing or brook swane
When i rapp i rapp and mudafucka who'll say
No matter if i'm skiny or my belly's big
But i remember how u stepp like kelly gib step,
So ask me step that butta,
Plat form half the zone i'm so gutta
Flex then we go dat soap for me
Cuz the colors of mah car like purpery
See me ballshin i'ma flossin
Plus I'm up in boston
With chubby top often
You lay me i'ma crazy hood
Three then trick
And DJ Cana always playing pot hits
And I do it for the real street
Sell 'em back the beats
would the one and then the two beats
weeks small cone hot like jone
three and five six like the reese all smooth
Repeat Chorus
One summertime too far
Hangin' with what you movr for
Lucy and Tierra had and the boots on
And I ain't sap end up in Aaliyah friends
Cause I can't fit Louie and sure it's up 'em
What end up, I don't rock it pink, I don't rock it
A rock as to my money you're now gone then I rock it
I'm like it to fly again guns best with sneakers
So once we churn that butta
Ass so fat as st-st-stutter
She look her like she's been on the teen
And see all over J, I like the King Magazine
Yeah watch so why it dry cause the bound is trash
Got a nice wrap into this more thus mainly at
Wish she got a thong (thong) in the gun scene
You see hey everybody stand me
See the box of what I color thick bond a be, they go
Repeat Chorus
N.O.R.E. wants to see a churning now
All my ladies in the club turn around
Make it hot on fire of blow
Bring it up by doin' that slow
N.O.R.E. wants to see a churning now (aw, this shit is crazy son)
All my ladies in the club turn around (churn that butta)
Make it hot on fire of blow (N.O.R.E. Nina Sky)
Bring it up by doin' that slow (This shit is radio ready have been hear it approve)
(Baby let's got)
Repeat Chorus
Hey Maffia beats
DJ papi love...
The album comin' out August 30 one cent a day
Yo pay attention, one fu...

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