[Featuring Lil Mo]
[Lil Mo Rap]
Yo what the deal son
Pulling up to my crib
If you aint call before you came yo you aint gettin in
Its just as simple as that
So dont get left around
You better get on you came with
And be gone before sundown because Im comin out swinging
Soon as I hear the bell ringing (ding) you got five seconds to count
(4 3 2)
To get off my cement
And uh wait for my place before I call Jake
And have you locked up on your birthday
And the keys thrown away
[Nicole - Verse One]
Boy I couldve sworn that I told you that
All those other phone numbers in my pager dont mean jack to me
So if you gonna start actin crazy
Save it
Dont even try to play me for your own uncalled insecurities
When all I ever do is give you my time (my time, my time)
We be fightin over the stupidest little things (little thing, little
The way you actin lately, its not right (not right, no no its not
So if youre gonna be shady
Then i cant be your lady
No more
[Nicole - Verse Two]
Boy how many time I gotta tell you that
When Im on the road I cant answer my phone every single time it rings
Next time you leave a message, stop
Thinkin and screamin that Im cheatin
You know thats not my steez
[Repeat Chorus]
[Nicole - Verse Three]
Baby what I do
To make you feel this way
I never thought youd change
Espically towards me
Youve been saying things, thats
Makin me believe, youre so insecure
And the reason is cause me
[Repeat Chorus x3]

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