Nicole wray
Make it hot
Boy you should listen baby I ain't missing I know you think I'm flipping but
You won't caught me slipping you won't caught me slipping.
Moma always warned me bout boys like you she said that all you want to do is
Run over me like shoes and take and take me to the crib and try to find
Something sweet wanna be the first to run and tell you took my virginity but I
Know I'ma hold out until I know about love, kisses and hugges I'm sure that that
Would be enough, if you just wait I'm gonna give it to you, but before I do this
Is what I want you to do.
Verse2: All the other girls they are grown as me, seeing as what they've done
How they want to know about me, I tell them bout me and you how we be holding
Out, and no matter what they say we gonna show them what love is all about, so
When we finally do the"d" it's gonna be fine like wine oow, take some time, to
Make sure it's right, so far as me and you this is what we gone do, but you must
Listen first to what I have to say to you.
Oow yea oow yea:4x

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