i made her smile i made her cry,
i cleared her head and made her whonder why,
i helped her live and made her wante to die,
but she can't complain,
she tried to date a friend of mine,
i was at his house when she came to say goodbye,
he stood her up she took it as a sign,
and i can't complain,
we took off for the weekend and had quite a time,
we shared everything we'd ever tried,
i told her i could love her i told her i could lie,
so she can't complain,
she moved here and bought the first house she could find,
i moved in and we locked ourselves inside,
i guess we just kidnapped each others minds,
so we can't complain,
i cheated on her with a friend of mine,
and there are no days when we don't fight,
but remember i warned her and i'm a guy,
so she can't complain

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