Five years ago
you pressed your hand
into a brand new sidewalk
its well worn now
and though some tried
yours is the only print there

you might not have meant to but
its done you cant take it out
you're shy about what fortune lent you
is that what this is about?

Smile while you can
'cause when they find
youre not amused, not really
they'll rob you blind
of what they gave
yes you gave them that power

you might not have meant to but
its done now you cant take it back
you cry about where fame sent you
without a plan of attack

five years ago
I warned you, dear
as a concerned admirer
you never new, you never heard
the veil was still in place

thank god you hate to listen
'cause I would not be here
lifting the veil to kiss you
next to a brand new sidewalk

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