don't touch don't look don't think best of luck,
she tried as hard as she could,
but she knew it wasn't good enough and wouldn't ever be,
so she had to start hiding how she felt,
but she loved him he knew it,
and if his hands weren't tied,
he would've really liked to help her,
he's still shaking it off buys flowers for his wife,
guilty he could even think of life without her,
gets home looking like he's seen a ghost,
she's ready for the worst,
but when he tells her,
she breaks down crying i'm so sorry,
we didn't want our love to end in high school,
at college i called everyday until the day i met you,
a year ago he got in touch i asked him to forgive me,
it should've ended there but i forgot i wasn't eighteen,
she'll try as hard as she can,
but he'll know it isn't good enough and won't ever be,
so she'll have to start hiding how she feels,
though she loves him and he knows it,
still his hands are tied even if he wants to help her

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