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Subject: d/drake_nick/saturday_sun.crd
Date: Tue, 24 Mar 1998 18:10:27 -0000
Saturday Sun
by Nick Drake
Transcribed by Nick Gill ([email protected])
6/8 time
Harlan L Thompson's version (the one I've
seen nearly everywhere) isn't actually
correct. The D7/F# chord is actually an F# diminished (XX1212), and some of the
Fs are really Dm7/F. Pedantic, I know, but it sounds better and is more
accurate. So, the real version goes like this.
"Lead in" | G |
Intro verse | C | G | Am | C |
| F#dim | G | C | G |
Verse 1 (as intro verse)
Verse 2 (as intro verse)
Verse 3 (as intro verse)
Verse 4 | C | G | Am | C |
| F#dim | G | C | C7 |
Chorus1 | F | F#o | C | A |
| Dm7 / F | G | C | C7 |
Inter-verse | F | G |
Verse 5 (as intro verse)
Verse 6 (as verse 5)
Chorus2 (as Chorus1)
Rubato chorus | F | F#o | C | A |
| Dm7 / F | G | F | C |
Saturday sun came early one morning
In a sky so clear and blue
Saturday sun came without warning
So no-one knew what to do.
Saturday sun brought people and faces
That didn't seem much in their day
But when I remember those people and places
They were really too good in their way
In their way, in their way
But Saturday sun won't come and see me today
Think about stories with reason and rhyme
Circling through your brain
And think about people in their season and time
Returning again and again
And again, and again
But Saturday's sun has turned to Sunday's rain
Rubato chorus
So Sunday sat in the Saturday sun
And wept for a day gone by
As Harlan says, it's played on a piano, glockenspiel, contrebasse and voice with
not a guitar in sight. Nevertheless, it's quite possible to give a fair
rendition of it on a single guitar.
If you have any comments / suggestions / corrections / requests et caetera,
please mail me.
Be seeing you.
[email protected]

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