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From: Harlan L Thompson
JOEY- Nick Drake
TUNING: D G D G A D (capo 5th fret) or E A E A B E (capo 3rd fret)
Gm Csus2 Gm Csus2
Gm Csus2 Gm Csus2
Joey will come to see our flowers
Gm Csus2 Gm Csus2
Joey will come to while away your hours
Cm/D F6 D
But she will tell you you're not so good for her
Dno3/C DII Gm Csus2 Gm Csus2
She wouldn't be there if it could be she were
Joey has laughed but never shown the tears
So she may laugh in the autumn of your years
When you're with her I wonder if it's true
All that they said of a world without you
Where she may come from, where she may go
Who she may run from, noone will know
Why she was late may trouble you some
Still you wait for Joey to come
Joey will come when once more it looks like snow
Joey will come when it's really time to go
You may smile and found that you've been wrong
But you found out that she knew all along
Joey will come to say hello
Gm Csus2 Cm/D F6 D Dno3/C DII
D -0- -5- -1- -0- -0- -0- -0-
A -1- -3- -3- -0- -1- -3- -0-
G -0- -0- -0- -2- -3- -2- -2-
D -0- -0- -0- -3- -0- -0- -0-
G -0- -5- -5- -x- -3- -2- -0-
D -x- -x- --- -3- -x- -x- -0-
NOTE: I didn't tab the picking pattern, but this one is pretty easy to
fake. Any improvements are really appreciated.
(from Time of No Reply)

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