To every son and daughter
Wayward and long gone
The love of a Father will leave the light on

I tried to throw you off track
A needle in the haystack
And I don't know how you found me
Or why you let me come back
Cuz it's a long way home when all you're left to carry
Is a heart of stone
And the weight of most the world
And I'd like to

Lay it down a little
Lay it down a lot
I don't want to hold it anymore
Lay it down in pieces or
Lay it down in whole
Everything I've carried on my own
Lay it down (4x)

I spent your money
Living on the fringes
But you threw a party for me
Invited all your big friends
And i have learned a little bit about a heavy load
All that gleams and glitters is not worth its weight in gold
And I know I should

Chorus (2x)

To every son and daughter, wayward and long gone...

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