Ohit’s six o’clock in the evening
I just wanna be on top with heavy breathing
Ohbaby are ya thinking what I’m thinking
I’ll take off your victoria secrets
YesI just want you to undress
Roll on topput your hands on my chest
Baby are ya ready for daddy get blessed
Stopdrop and roll with me oh yes

1 - stopdrop and roll with me
Babyyou know you got me in heat
I’m on fire

Now I know exactly what you’re thinking
NoI’m not dionone of a psychic friend readers
But booI can tell by you moving closer
Puffin the treesand pouring more mamosa
Baby please don’t tease yourself or tease me
Daddy can freak ya completely like e.t.
Check me outtongue in your mouth
How ’bout some in and out right now

Repeat 1

Repeat 1

Everytime I think about your love
I need it
You got me heated
I need some squeezing
You make me shiver with a touch
When we clutch
I’m heating up
Hot for your love
What’s his namelets get to freakin’
There ain’t no speakin’
Just heavy breathin’
Don’t keep me waiting
Come on lets go
Baby stop and drop and roll

Repeat 1 until fade

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