I'm all in the spot
Posted up
Park the drop
Chill in the cut
See a couple hots
I'm like "what up"
Nigga on a watch tryin ta find me one...
Im in disguise
Far away parked my ride
Aint even wearing my ice
I dont need nothin to shine

Im looking for someone
Just like that
earring in her tongue
Just like that
Gotta have some fun and aint trippin on...
Does them freaky things (Just like that)
Thick all in them jeans (Just like that)
Goes down like submarines (Just like that)
Just like that...(Just like that)(Just like that)

The musics bumpin
Sippin on Konyak
Pushin up on somethin
Sho mack
She gotta paper on them jeans
Im tryin ta
Take off them paper then them jeans
Bringin mo game than Kobe
On a good day
Tryin ta cross her over
In a good way
Ghetto, boughi, valley girl, hood rat
I want it all...
Just like that...

[(chorus) Repeat 2x]

Someone who burns in the kitchin
Baby even has a couple chitlings
Never be trippin and listen
Ready to try new positions
Got her own dough, Maybe
We can drive matchin Benzes
Baby is cool but has visions
Really puts it down in bed, with precision
Girlfriends in the back and toe lickin
Dont listen to the rumors from them bitches

[(chorus) Repeat 2x]

I need a shorty thats down for whatever
Someone I can call on whenever
That can hold me down under pressure
A lady that got her own cheddar
Like yah your girl is cute, but dawgs, mines looks better
Gotta be real sweet and tender
Guys want a wife and not
Just hit her
Haters mad as
Cause I'm wit her
Do you understand my niggas...
She's gotta be...
Just like that...

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