- Turn left at the lights about 50 yards down - There's a pub on the corner and I'll meet you inside
- At quarter to eight and we'll go into town - And find out what everybody's been saying - About us

- Smalltown walls have eyes and ears - Stories fly thick and fast around here - Truth and lies
Are all the same - Whatever you do don't rock the boat - You've got to play the game, play the game

Ch: - Is it a crime to want something else - Is it a crime to believe in something different - Is
It a crime to want to make things happen - To spit in the faces of the cynical fools

- The incrowd know that the shell is thin - They all protect the cage they're in - Get drunk
And stoned and wrecked again - No tears of rage, no cries of pain - Nothing ventured, nothing
Gained - In smalltown England

- The world outside the oint in hand - Is all so hard to understand - And if visions of the
World come clear - They're not allowed to interfere

Ch: - Is it a crime . . . . .

- The smell of hot food from the takeaway curry - Diesel fumes from a passing lorry - Waiting
In the queue in the pouring rain - For the chip shop up on Bowling Lane - Well last week we
All got really smashed - We couldn't stand up, it was a real laugh - And this week's going to
Be just the same - And the next and the next, again and again - They say you've got to have
Fun while you're young - 'Cos they can't believe there's anything else except this

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