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Stop it!! Stop it girl!
Stop it!! Stop it girl!
I said stop it girl. Look what you're doing to me
I said it's just not right. Now can't you see?
This ain't the way it's supposed to be
I should be lovin' you and you lovin' me
Stop girl before he breaks your heart
Stop girl before he breaks your heart
I'm the one that loves you right from the start
Stop girl don't let him bring you down
I'm the one that needs you and i'll be around
He could never love you like i love you girl
He could never say the things like i need you in my world
Girl i really love you, but you won't give me your time
You tell me that he loves you so and you can't make up your mind
Girl he's not true
Now i know there's lovin' for you
It's all not true
It's not true baby
I guess i'm gonna love you for my whole life long
Girl he's not the one for you, i can tell you nothing wrong
Tell me that you love me, let me take you by the hand
Girl my love is oh so true, try and understand
Girl it's oh so true
All of my lovin' for you
It's oh so true
So true, baby
Stop it, girl
Stop it, girl
Don't let him
Don't let him
Don't let him
Bring you down

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