Beastiality (Man album)
chords definition:
Ebsus2 : 668866
B :799877
Dbsus2 :x46644
Ab :466544
Bb :688766
intro:Ebsus2 B Dbsus2 Ebsus2 Dbsus2 (x2)
verse 1:
Ebsus2 B
A bit of friendly beastiality
Dbsus2 Ebsus2 Dbsus2
With the stockings that I tied you up so easily
Ebsus2 B
As the window breaks the window pain
Dbsus2 Ebsus2 Dbsus2
Puts the hand in to the till to get some pretty change.
Ab B
What love,What hate
Bb Ebsus2 Dbsus2
Could reach the point of no return
Ab B
What love,What hate
Bb Ebsus2
Could reach that point
verse 2:(same chords as the first one)
Take you down into a dead end lane
Make me walk on broken glass
And let my liquid make petal coloured moves
Removes the lipstick stains that still remain
Am I still the same
bridge:Ebsus2 Ebsus2/B Dbsus2 Ebsus2 Dbsus2 ,
Ebsus2 Ebsus2/B Dbsus2 Ebsus2
(then she plays Ebsus2 and verse3)
verse 3:
As I take you through the bedroom door
You can be my mother
You can be my whore
Take a lesson in geography
Wash me down in pepsi
Sweet obsess possess me
(chorus x2 and fade on Ebsus2)

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