Uhh, I boss thru in a Hummer, Murphy the Don, Lizzie, Keyuan
With the Best thunder than Shaun Jon, you don't want None
??? like Batter up and leavin heads swolle up
On top of all that, I got the rap sewed up
Hold up, with the budda thumpin' niggaz Qouta
And just the teach a lesson, I put one in ya shoulder
I told ya, 'Tics live for the street life
Eat Right, Fuck good, And reffer thru the Pipe
And give me head all night
And if its some beef, I pumpin lead on sight
Until they deceased
I took ya head off right
I live in the Beast
Nigga, where the Feds, Play ???
I still floss ice, keep it tight
E-very time, call me the Black Liberace when I'm playing mine
Thats how I flo, ??? when i get mine, any way it go
Whether it be rapping or with the 4-4
[Chourus x2]
Let's make a Million
Keep it real for Triple-0
Eyes low, from plenty Henny and Hydro
Fuck a bitch and some Clothes
I gotta get rich, Go platinium in 2 shows
And get the Dough....
My nigga, I can make a million
Blind-folded, with no shows
Using no flows, just Arm -n- Hammer
And folk O's
Gimmie low does and a Connect, that neva closed
And watch me lock it down from North County to BenRos
Fuck some Mo-Mo's, Gimmie hundereds with soft chrome
On the Navigata equipped to click and log on

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