You better
Watch out who your
About runnin
Your mouth like you know
Me you gonn
Fuck around and check
Why surely they
Jus call me show
Me why 1 on 1 you can’t hold
Me if yo’ last name
Was haynes only way you wear me out is
Stretch my
Name on your pants no resident
Of france but you swear I’m from paris 106
Told em naw thta’s
Pure rich just tryin’ to compurr
This my chain to
Yo’ chain I’m like spirit and
Motorola no service
Out of your range you outta yo
Brains thinkin’’
Thta I’m a shout out ya name
You gotta come up’wit
Betta ways to catch your fame
Only pressure’s
You’s a applying is time to ease
Off before I hit
You from the blind side and
Takin’ yo sleeves
Off as much as we’s lost still
Hard to please boss
Don’t be lyin’ and fuckin and cryin’
Suck it up as a loss
Cuz yo’ acts is wack your whole
Label is wack and matter
Fact ehehehehhear that.

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