Four creatures are surrounding me
Observing and influencing the actions
The lion is enthroned by the powers of the eagle
An angel offers a call as a sacrifice

The fearless searching soul
Ki-aga-bi na-nam ki-aga-bi na-nam
Is wrapped in a black robe
en e-kur-ra ki-aga-bi na-nam
Whispers lost and ancient phrases
ni-nam sa-ge al-da-ga-za
To open his mind
ni-kal-kal-la sa-ge-gara-za

The red coach is lowed by the lion with speed
The prince who is kneeing, a symbol of fire, you see
The Phoenix expresses certainty and power
He touches the dimensioins of ordinary life
Black and white are two symbols of dualism
The high priest is able to divide them and mix together
He is the keeper of the key to the twilight kingdom
And he observes the laws of the four creatures

Mind of the lion
Thoughts of the eagle
Imagination of the soul
Feelings of the calf

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