[Verse 1:]
Put your pictures away
Anything that might bring up
Memories of the days
And the nights we spent in love
You were my favourite song
Baby tell me why we had to turn the radio off
Girl I ain't trippin on you
I'm just fine
You hardly ever even cross my mind
Even though a blind man could look in my face
And just know that that's a lie
I'm barely treading water
Saying I'm alright
Cuz I can't stop crying
And I can't stop asking why
But I can't stop lying
And if you ask me I'll deny
That I can't stop crying
On the outside I'm alright
But I'm dying on the inside
[Verse 2:]
Saw you out yesterday
And I know that you saw me
You was with your new man
And I was with some random piece
Suddenly we caught eyes
Then I looked away
Before it got too hard to breathe
[Chorus ×2]
Oh oh, I'm dying
Girl you're killing me
Dying on the inside
Dying on the inside
Killing me, Killing me babe

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