You can have girls and girls
You can have boys and boys
You can have sex and violence
You can have space age toys
You can have anything that you think will fit
As long as it’s box officeas long as it’s a hit


You can have birdmen and snowmen
You can have women in red
Hero taxi drivers talk about evil dead
Black hats and white hats you know what I mean
A flashdance welder and jesus in jeans


Norma jean has gone with the wind
And we’ll nevernever see her no more
Jimmy dean you drove that machine
Chased a dreamchased a dream

We’ve been up the junctiondown the yellow brick road
We’ve got beauty with beast
And a prince with a toad
We’ve got future adventures
You believe man can fly
Put on your 3-d glasses
Get a shark in the eye

Publishing copyright:m.a.c.s. music
Copyright 1986 nazareth (dunfermline) ltd.dunfermline

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