Yeahthis how we get richfor all the mothafuckin’ thug niggasniggas
Get bodiedsome niggas snitchknowwhatimsayin’? throughout the world
It’s the thugsthe laws of naturethis is how we eatdon’t ever try
To take food from a starving manhe’s goin’ at you.

Verse 1:
It was a murder contract on these cats that owe
They tried workin’ for the bossnever brung back dough
So I chose to hit ’em
The reward was four million
Two if I hit a bitch or any small children
Check itthey had a picture of the first cat
He out in bxI know where he rest and where to search at
So I’m right thereI’m peeped duke in jerry rice gear
Came from behindput the shine to his ear
Took a snap shotbrought that backcollect the chips
Half a million knocked off before we talk about the next hit
The next flic was a older cat
He had a short armcrippled at birth but still he hold a gat
Bachelorplacin’ his bets up in aqueduct
First of the month some how he stayed rackin’ up
I reached firsthe started backin’ up
Stopped to reach for his pieceI squeezedhe never got to duck
I hit him dead in his chesteternal fire
Returnin’ for the chips when it’s murder for hire.

Verse 2:
I got a knack for this
Bodyin’ shitescape miraculous
Exchange money for deaththey can’t tax the chips
I got trapped by a bad bitch
The contracts on my own headshe actin’ like she catcholic
Met her on some high class shit
Halftimewatchin’ the knicks against the mavericksmy g was average
Skip thatshe took me back to where she live at
Stripped and gave me mad headI’m ’bout to push her shit back
We pulled our guns at the same time
The same frame of mind
I told her to chill
Relaxunload the steel
Here’s the plan for us
I know the perfect man to bust
They call him top dog
Weak links need to be popped off
He’s hard to reachI know a friend that know a friend
That could get him on the phone for a feea quick ten
The next victimwe both could hit ’em
Catch him while he sleepin’when he wakes up the lord is wit’ em.

Sometimes it happens in the streetssometimes it happens in the crib
You can’t escape death.

Verse 3:
A week went by and I’m losin’ sleep
They sent niggas out to get me so now I gotta move with heat
Persuin’ beefwhile hearin’ stories untrue
Nowhere to run toseein’ my face on newyork one news
High profile crimeshit caught on tape
With no ski mask so therefore I’m takin’ all the weight
Shorty’s wit’ me and she tryin’ to thug it
Makin’ me paranoidseducin’ me like michael douglass
Mad stressedback to back cigarettes
Fuck ithoney got chipsskip dukeshe could get it next
I need to trust you
You could be the brainI’ll be the muscle
One false move and i’m’a bust you
Kissed her on the cheek before I dicked her to sleep
Told her we gettin’ closer we can get him this week
Be she never awoke to see a niggas face
I skipped town with her breadher head spread across the pillow case.

Leavin’ them bitches where they layI don’t got no time to love them
Hoesmoney come firstmoney and murderwe were raised off this shit
You can’t escape itit’s on every streetevery cornerI’d rather get
Paid for this shit.

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