Can't nobody
Do you like we do
Can't nobody
Do you like we do

Pistols and penitentiaries
Gangstas on a worldwide hunt for head huntin
Spead dumpin lead bustin
Tell me you wanna be done
It's so many thangs on these streets
Gang bang on these streets
Heat holders
That hug wit slugs
And it's the thang to be either crips or bloods
Nate show these niggas how it was
And how nobody do it like we does cuz

[Nate Dogg]
Something about the west coast
Makes me bang the beats
Something about the west coast
Makes me run them streets
Somethin about the music
Makes me wanna sing
Something about this chronic
Knocks me off my feet
That's real chronic baby


I know you never thought these niggas could be this good
We'd be bumpin in your system from hood to hood
I know you never even though we would last this long
You were dead wrong
Homie this is Nate he's a double O.G.
All up in the place Kurupt
Better ask your girl why she starin at me
Leave me alone

We ready for the get down
You ready to have sit-down
Bitch nigga sit-down
Runnin in and out ya house
Runnin in and out ya spouse
Don't say shit or I'll be running in and out your mouth
Gangstas get the party crackin
Hit a land and get it crunk
Nate Dogg and Kurupt
Yeah nigga that's wussup
Now I gotta show y'all how the west coast rock shit
Concoct and plot shit
Dogg pound oxes


The greatest on this earth
Gangsta that was taught shoot before you converse
Go against the grain and we convert to the worst
Take flight like eagles
Puncture like needles
Touch him without even bein present
The greatest on this earth west coast presents

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