Strophe 1:
Remember times
Whwn you were young
You had to fight for your right
To get out
Remember times
When you were young
And nobody knew
Who you are

Bridge 1:
So take your chance
And reach out for stars
And everyone will be with you
And everyone will know you're number one

Come on and fight, fight to win
Make a dream come true
It's all up to you
So fight, fight to win
Hold your head up high
Together we stand by your side

Strophe 2:
Now you are here
It's time to go
And you will all the best
You can give
Now you are here
It's time to go
And together we stand
By your side

Bridge 2:
So please believe
In your way of life
Together we can reach the top
Togethrer we can be the number one


We are by your side

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