That daythat day
What a mess what a marvel
I walked into that cloud again
And I lost myself
And I’m sadsadsad
Craving purity
A fragile mind and
A gentle spirit
That daythat day
What a marvelous mess
This is all that I can do
I’m done to be me
It’s supposed to be like this
I accept everything
It’s supposed to be like this

That daythat day
I lay down beside myself
In this feeling of painsadness
Towards the light
And it’s all I see and
I’m tired and I’m right
And I’m wrong
And it’s beautiful

That day that day
What a mess
What a marvel
We’re all the same
And no one thinks so
And it’s okay
And I’m small
And I’m divine
And it’s beautiful
And it’s coming
But it’s already here
And it’s absolutely perfect

That daythat day
When everything was a mess
And everything was in place
And there’s too much hurt
And everyone’s a cynic
And it’s hard and it’s sweet
But it’s supposed
To be like this

That daythat day
When I sat in the sun
And I thought and I cried
’cause I’m sadscaredsmall
And I’m nothing
And I’m true
Only a brave man
Can break through
And it’s all okay
Yeahit’s okay

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