(written by chuck jackson and marvin yancy)
Babybaby I want you
Babyand I need you
I’m still in love with you
Even though you’re not with me
You never once left my mind
I guess I’m still in love with youoohooh---
You seem so unreal to me
Why can’t I set you free
Instead I carry you around in my mind
Late at night I try walkin’
Never feel much like talkin’
I’m too busy thinkin’ ’bout the good ole’ times
Good ole’ times
(still in love) I remember (with youbaby)
I’m still in love with youyeahdidn’t you know it
(still in love) even a blind man can see it
(with youbaby) yeah (still in love) I’m in love with you
Still in lovein lovein lovein lovewith youbaby
Ohbabystill in love with youyouyouyouyouyouyouyou
Still in loveyeahwith youbaby
My babystill in love with youoh
Life ain’t worth livin’ no reason to give my love
’cause I’m still in love with youyeah
No matter where you gono place is too far
Just call my name and I’ll be thereohbaby
(still in love) still in love (with youbaby)
With youbaby (still in love with you)
Ohyeahyeah (still in love)
This girl is in love with you
(with youbaby) don’t you forget it
(still in love with you) rememberremember me
(still in love) don’t you forget itno
(with youbaby) nono
I’m the one that is in love with you (still in love)
In lovein love (with you) in lovein love
In lovein lovein lovein loveoh
(still in love) remember meboy..

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