(written by j. livingston and r. evans)
We’re gathered here this evening to testify
And I want you to know the words for today is let go
(well) haI want you to let go
And I want you to just sit back
And relax and open you heartsyour mind and
Let it gogogogogo
We’d like to tell you a story this evening
Haven’t not so longlonglong ago
It’s a story about you and me
This is how it goes
When I was just a little girl
I asked my mother what will I be
(oohwill I be pretty) yeah (will I be rich)
Here’s what she said to me
Queseraserawhatever will be
The future is not for us to seeno
Que sera (que sera) que sera (que sera)
Que seraoh--- yeah
When I grew up and fell in love
I asked my loveroohbaby
Baby what will I be (hmmohohoh)
What will I be
(will I have...)
Here’s what my baby said to me
He said que serasera
I just wanna say that whatever will be
Queque seraohohohoh (sera) oh (sera)
Whatever will bewill be
Surely behoo
All because the future is not for us to see
(oohnononono) que sera
(que sera) que sera (que sera)
Que---seraI want yaul to ....
-musical interlude-
Que seraoh
Serawhateverhoowill behooyeah
I knowI knowat least I hope that you know
The fu---ture is not for us to see
Que sera (que sera) que sera (que sera)
Oh wellwellwellwellwellwellwell

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