In the alley in the dark
Vacant or not in the park
Whoever I am everybody shall ignore
Cause it's the hour
When the dogs're free to bark

News paper in the wind
Shaking like they were inviting me
Behind the pole full dust bins
Calling like acquaintances of me

Breeze turns into storm
Sleeps give way to sworms
Be my favorite form
You see how I feel warm
expose your hand lest it rots away
Unavaidable temptations lurk
They all force my zippo stark
Strong hunger I want more and more
Endress like teeth of a shark

The scarless saddle of the motor bike
Semi glass black under the moon light
240z that I like
Deserted raped in a miserable sight

The night is alive till four or five
The vibration causes you to raise immodest scream
No place to hide on every side
Isolation seems to be welted and stream
From the hight glowing bright
My sensation starts to get excited in the extreme

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