...You weren't born with the world falling at your feet

The path is long sad agonizing being dragged on your knees

...and the silver spoon in your mouth tastes spoilt with rust

When all that glitters isn't gold and fortunes turn to dust

You're prime for the raping

And when you don't ponder to meet the agenda
Scavengers start to gather
Perverse visionaries taste the lather
The just rewards in controlled rebellion

Tossed and probed like a gristly peace of meat
Lock, stock and barrel slave
You just don't contradict big brother
He's got the right to push you under

...and they pledge you the earth, then pull you six feet down,

And you're branded with the stigma, unusable dropouts

...and with inspiration ravaged, you take the final bow,

The creative demeanor shattered into a million pieces

You're ripe for the breaking

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