My life meant nothing to me
Then a guy like you came along
Everything's moving so fast
I gotta get my feet on the ground

Unhappy days are over
'Cause I can always be with you
Lying in your arms day by day
Makes me feel, oh... so brand new

Can't stop fallin' in love (love... love... love...)
Tell me you will be true (true), forever baby
I just can't stop dreaming of you everyday

Say you love me, baby
Say you will always be mind
You'll never break my heart, ooh

I just can't stop fallin' in love (hoo!)(can't stop fallin' in love)
Baby, you became (baby, you became)(come on, yeah!)
Makin' love with you is all I wanna do
Wanna do

Can't stop fallin' in love (oh no no no!)(can't stop fallin' in love)
Give your heart and soul (gimme your heart and soul)(gimme... gimme...)
Stay with me this time and we'll make history
You and me

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