Hear the howlings in the night
I'm one with its might
Enchated by the calling cries
as I gaze into the sombre skies
Awaiting the shining
The fire never seen
Waiting for the darkened path which'll
leads me straight to the one who dance in my dreams...
In surrounding flames I must be wrapped
Wolves run by my side
as I walk towards eternity
In hate they'll gather with my shadow
as the moon arise
A scent of twilight
Into fading woods I march
I glimmer a shyness in the red
In eternal dreams I drown
As the children of Fenriz
sang their moonlight serenades
I made love to the midnight winds
The forest embraced me
with its impurity
In ecstacy my tears fell
like autumn silver rain
Now I stand above the human race
I've solved it all, the mysteries of night
Its revealed to me
With a smile I see
These stars (unseen) formations
That breeds my sunless dawn

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