I never thought you were a fair weather friend
You never let me down, you're true to the end
You're in the darkest hour, when all was lost
Somehow you left the light on
You faced the wrong and showed the world a thing or two
Stood up for me, for you
And you should know

Some say it wasn't worth the things we went through
I say it ain't worth losing you
I hope you know how much you've changed all our lives
Someday you'll see if only through heaven's eyes

I still remember the things that you said
I keep you words alive I could never forget
Cause in the final hour you made me proud
So proud that I could know you
You told the world its time that they believed in you
And you should know

Only through heaven's eyes

And so we can't forget
We've got to keep remembering them all
The ones who took the fall
They did it for usall
And we should learn from it
Stand up if you believe in it
You've got to face the world, be strong
[Chorus] twice

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